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Industrial Fasteners

            Industrial fasteners are very important parts in all kinds of industry. It is a kind of mechanical parts that are used for fastening and connection.

            Industrial fasteners are widely used in many industries such as energy industry, electronics industry, electrical appliances, machinery, chemicals, metallurgy, molds, hydraulics, etc., in various machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments etc.

           It is characterized by a wide variety of specifications, different performance and uses, and a high degree of standardization, serialization, and generalization. Therefore, some people call a type of fasteners that have national standards as standard fasteners, or simply standard parts.

           We seafly century limited are dedicated to provide best solution of industrial fasteners for our customer.

           Our Industrial fastening products line include studs, nuts, bolts, hex head cap screw, screw, set screw, eyebolt, swivel hoist ring bolts, tap screw, washers, hexagon slotted nut, hexagon socket head screw, hexagonal head bolt, slotted cheese-head screw,spring washer, plain washer, round pin, straight pin, cylindrical pin, taper pin, cotter pin etc.

           Popular design standards include China GB, HG,SH,NB,JB, Germany standard DIN 933 DIN 934, ISO 4016,4017,4032,4033, American standard ASME,ANSI, Russia standard GOST R 52643,52644 etc.

           We have a variety of materials to choose from, as well as a variety of surface corrosion prevention processes, such as zinc plating, zinc phosphate, manganese phosphate, Zn-Ni plating, Whitford xylan 1424,xylan 1014,xylan1070,xylan 1052 coated etc.


           Within these all kinds of application, we are mainly concerned with the solution of high strength fasteners used for connection. such as petrochemical pipeline fasteners, chemical industry pipeline fasteners, oil refinery industry pipeline fasteners, chemical fiber plant industry pipeline fasteners, power plant industry pipeline fasteners, hydropower station industry fasteners, marine industry fasteners, metallurgical industry fasteners, steel industry fasteners, city gas industry fasteners, mechanical industry fasteners, urban construction industry fasteners, city heating industry fasteners, marine service industry fasteners, pharmaceuticals industry fasteners, food industry fasteners, pipeline service industry fasteners, environmental protection service industry fasteners, rural and urban heating industry fasteners, rural urban building applications industry fasteners etc.

          We seafly fasteners team are dedicated to improving efficiency and safety in industrial fasteners usage, all kinds of industrial fasteners are designed and manufactured according to user’s requirements and international standard.


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