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General service control valve

          General service control valve is widely used for non-severe flow control of most liquids, steam, gases and most other fluids. It is especially designed for general working condition for controlling fluid. It is the key safety equipment in the pipeline recirculation system.

          General service control valve provided by seafly century limited is especially designed for non-severe application working conditions and control a wide variety of relatively clean liquids and gases at general working application.

          Typical application and industry include bellows.

          Petrochemical industry pipeline control valve, chemical plant control valve,Oil Refinery pipeline control valve, water supply industry pipeline control valve, power station industry pipeline control valve, boiler feed water system pipeline control valve, pressure vessel pipeline control valve, Oil pipeline system control valve, construction industry, chemical fertilizer plant,Electrical Power Engineering, Thermal power generation system pipeline control valve, steam power plant pipeline control valve , metallurgical industry pipeline control valve,paper-making industry pipeline control valve,food industry pipeline control valve , turbine-boiler pipeline control valve, power generation pipeline control valve, Pipeline Pressure Reduction control valve, Power Generation control valve, High Temperature Service control valve, Boiler Feed control valve, Descaling pipeline control valve, Drainage control valve etc.

          Traditional coal fired power industry control valve, thermal power plant industry control valve (heater drain control valve, deaerator level control valve,aux steam to deaerator control valve, condensate water to condenser control valve, condensate water recycle control valve,cold reheat to aux steam control valve,main steam letdown spray water control valve,LP feed water recirculation control valve,flash tank drain control valve,reheater spray control valve.

  Nuclear power control valve (isolation control valve, level control valve,feedwater control valve, LP drain pump recirc control valve, blowdown cooling water control valve, steam transformer blowdown control valve, drain cooler to condenser control valve.

          Oil and gas industry control valve (ethylene control valve, propane pressure reducing control valve, nitrogen to mill shutoff control valve, gas to burner control valve, oil quick shutoff control valve, heavy oil control valve.

          We seafly general service control valve are improved from the international brand such as Emerson fisher, CCI, Copes etc.

         General service control valve from seafly century limited can be designed as customer’s requirements which can meet general service working conditions.

  The actuator can be chosen with air diaphragm type actuator, air piston type actuator or electric actuator.


Features & Benefits

●Stability of the valve plug

 Robust and durable cage provide excellent Stability for the plug, decrease vibration and noise effectively.

●Large flow capacity

  Streamline channel design can achieve Large flow capacity and Small flow resistance

●Balanced plug design

  Pressure balanced design between valve plug and cage can achieve high accuracy,

  High flexible adjustable range and suitable for high pressure difference working condition.

●Cost effective

Internal parts adopt Stainless steel Increase the ability of wear resistance and service life.

●Convenient maintenance

  Modular design and easy to maintenance

●Low noise, good ability of abrasion resistance

●Zero leakage, long operating life, Cost effective

●Elimination of erosion, noise and pipe vibration

●Improved plant performance, reduced leakage costs, safer plant operating conditions

●Ⅳ,ⅤANSI leakage class at high temperature  

When close the valve it can meet Ⅳ,ⅤANSI leakage class at high temperature 593℃

Technical Parameters

●Design standard: ASME B16.34,China JB/T3595,MSS SP61, ASME B16.5

●Nominal size:3/4”,1”,1-1/2”,2”,2-1/2”,3”,4”,6” 8” 10” 12” 14”,16”,24”

●Pressure Ratings: Class 150, 300lb, 600lb, 900lb, class1500lb,2500lb, Class4500

●Optional flow characteristics

  Equal percent ,linear flow, quick open flow

●ANSI leakage class shutoff: Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ,Ⅴ,Ⅵ

●End connection type: RF-raised face flange,RTJ-ring type joint flange, BW-Butt Weld, SW-socket welding

●Optional material:

 Body &Bonnet- A105, F22, 12CRMOV (carbon steel or alloy steel)WCB, WC9, CF8M CF8 CF3M, CF3  

  Stem-410SS, STELLITE, 17-4PH, 316SS, 316L, 304SS, 304L

●Body outline shape:Inline type, angle type  

●Operating temperature:-29℃-+593℃

●Power source:Electric actuator(380V three-phase,220V single phase)

                Pneumatic Diaphragm(0.4-0.7 Mpa)(direct action or reverse action)

●Control signal:switching value control,40-20 mA DC analog control

●Customizable requirements according to customer    



●Feed pump system in power plant, boiler feed pump recirculation valve,

●Onshore oilfield pipeline control valve, Oil gas wellhead chokes

●Offshore platform pipeline control valve, Overboard dump

●Other severe working condition of oil and gas industry

●Nuclear power station, thermal power plant, Compressor recirculation valve

●Fossil fuel, Pulp and paper industry

●Separator level control, Compressor recycle, gas to flare, methanol injection

●water gas injection, injection pump recycle, gas export pressure control

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