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Offshore control valve

 Offshore control valve is widely used in offshore platform, drilling platform or jack up rig for controlling fluid. The most important application is that it is installed on the pipeline of a FWKO (free water knock out), separator pipeline system as an offshore platform separator level control valve.

           Our seafly offshore control valve are improved from fisher control valve and other famous brand structure.

           Usually before oil can be shipped from an offshore platform for sale or for production all the impurities which is in the stream must be removed. Most of the time, these impurities are water, but there is usually a ratio of gas that will also be in the stream. To remove impurities and entrained gases, the mixture stream is normally sent through a series of FWKO separators. The separated oil fluid is sent for export and the gas can be compressed and used for injection or for export.  So in this case, we need some offshore control valves to control the fluid.

          Offshore control valve is usually located at the position such as from FWKO drum gas outlet to gas export header, from test separator liquid outlet to production header, from condensate coalesce liquid outlet to gas scrubber header, from condensate coalesce water outlet to oily water treatment system,liquid outlet from fuel gas scrubber, from flare K.O. drum liquid outlet to closed drain drum, from dry compressed air vessel outlet gas to utility air distribution, from sea water cassion outlet to overboard cassion, closed drain booster pump,from meg line to gas condensate header, from gas inlet to fuel gas scrubber.from sea water cassion outlet to overboard cassion,

          Seafly offshore control valve can be designed as customer’s requirements which can meet general service, heavy duty and severe service working conditions.

           The actuator of the offshore control valve can be chosen with hand wheel, Diaphragm actuator, piston actuator and electric actuator etc.

           Our seafly offshore control valves are already used in many offshore projects all over world.

            Besides used as an FWKO control valve, other application for offshore control valve include offshore gas to flare control valve, offshore oil pump recirculation control valve, offshore discharge control valve, water injection pump recirculation control valve, water injection control valve, water overboard control valve, compressor antisurge control valve, gas injection control valve, glycol contactor level control valve etc.


Offshore Application

●Offshore platform separator level control valve, FWKO separator control valve

●offshore gas to flare, offshore oil pump recirculation, offshore discharge control

●water injection pump recirculation control, water overboard control

●compressor antisurge control, gas injection control, glycol contactor level control

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Offshore control valve option

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